Affordable Houses

This model is based on the CAHF (Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa) benchmarked model. 43,2 sqm, living room and kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Can be build as multiple storys apartment buildings or vertically separated apartments as well as stand alone housing.

Affordable Housing is one of the main focuses for Crescent Housing, these models shown are based upon the CAHF benchmarking standard. But our technology is not limited to this model. Larger and smaller houses, single or multiple storages and different designs are fully compatible to our technology.
  • Strong, flexible and lightweight
  • Element based makes our solution versatile for different designs and solutions as multiple story buildings, detached buildings, apartmentbuildings
  • Its easy and strong construction makes it suitable for large housing projects in both rural and urban areas.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low cost
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