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Recycled Plastic for Housing Solutions

Creating a greener and cleaner world through empowerment

What if there was a way of reusing the world’s plastic waste to create sustainable communities by creating new business opportunities, jobs and cleaner environments?

Crescent Housing is offering a solution for one of the world’s biggest challenges, which at the same time addresses another world challenge; Namely, the global need for housing for the growing world’s population.

The worlds plastic use is suffocating the world as we know it. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 100% of marine turtles, 59% of all whales in the world, 36% of the seals and 40% of the seabirds are all contaminated by ocean plastics.

We see birds and whales starve to death because they have ingested plastic. Micro plastics are quickly entering into the marine food chain, resulting in essence, that we humans will be eating our own plastic waste.

But what if there was a value added solution for cleaning the world for its plastics, cleaning the oceans, the rivers, the land, in a way that would truly make a sustainable impact and not just moving the plastics around or put it into massive landfills for never to decompose?

Unique Housing Solutions

Crescent Housing has taken upon ourselves to create change and local empowerment by using plastic waste to build houses.

The patented Crescent Housing system allows for use of up to 100% recycled plastic waste as building material, which means that there is an abundance of low cost raw material to use. By reusing the plastic waste, we help clean up one of the worlds threat to biodiversity, and thereby creating a demand for it and making collecting and recycling of plastic an economically profitable business.

The Unique Housing Solutions are categorized into 4 different segments:


Plastic waste is the most rapidly growing threat to marine biodiversity. Improving waste management, public and private initiatives to reduce plastic production and consumption, investing in data collection, research on the source and impact of micro-plastics on the marine environment and human health is part of the response to the problem.

I welcome initiatives like Crescent Housing, working to recycle plastic waste as building materials contributing thus both to managing plastic waste and to build houses in a more sustainable way. I hope they will succeed in their efforts, and wish them all the best.

Nina Jensen
CEO, REV Ocean
W. Giertsen AS (1875) has been in the African markets for more than 40 years, primarily with various shelter products and relocatable temporary buildings, primarily to the international humanitarian sector. All along UN has been a trusted partner, together with various NGO’s. All this giving us vast experience in working in challenging and harsh environments.

During the last years we have expanded our product portfolio into the renewable energy sector, building a wide product range. All organized under our W. Giertsen Energy Solutions AS entity. In addition to building a strong technical team, both in Europe and Africa, we have opened 2 local offices, in Kenya and Uganda – but work across the borders. Either ourselves, or through our network of partners.

All above giving us a platform to confirm that in our opinion there is a strong increasing need for affordable housing for the foreseeable years ahead of us and future, all to cater for a rapidly growing middle class and for the population as a whole.

Through our technology platform, there is parallel a rapidly increasing demand for also cooling and water products and concepts.

We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation with Crescent Housing in the time to come.

Wilhelm Jens Giertsen
Chairman of the Board, W. Giertsen AS
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